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Emily zieschang

Photo courtesy of Keith Perry Photography.

As I share with you the people I meet, the places I go, and the ways I live my life, my hope is to bring you on a journey with me that I too have just begun. The creative world around us thrives on innovation of the unknown and discovery of what is already out there. My loves are for the people I share my life with, the beauties of the world around us seen through fashion, food, art, and culture, as well as the lifestyles we all cultivate. Throughout my site you'll be able to meet professionals, try new products, explore fashion & design, and hopefully jump on a cyber-plane to explore places you may one day go yourself. So there you have it: people, places, and things. I'm sure you'll find that you and I may have a few things in common along the way! 

All of the photos featured on my site were taken by me unless specified otherwise. Please do not use any photos unless you have asked. 


If you are interested in working together or have any questions about what I do please feel free to say hi!




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