Create Your Space

Create Your Space


Regardless of where you live, what you do, who you are; home is anywhere you make space for it. In our day in age, everyone's looking for a space that'll compliment them as an individual or as a creative. What if I told you your space could tell about who you are as well as mirror your creative side! Your creativity is not limited to material structures, color schemes, or a location. In every new place you move to, you will find an empty canvas in a blank wall or the freedom to dream in a bare living room. If you're the slightest bit like myself then you'll understand when I talk about the importance of learning how to express yourself through uncommon... or common objects, artwork that sings your song, and colors that are just, you. 


To name just a few, here are three things that will make your vacant corners, countertops, shelves and bedside tables come alive: Books. Plants. Candles.

You may think I'm crazy but it's life's simplest objects that make a nook in your home come alive again or even become your new favorite spot to go to early in the morning with your book-in-hand and warm cup of coffee. Lately I've become quite the hoarder of plants (not ashamed!), and although this confuses my husband at times... I will say that it's added much liveliness to our quaint little home. 

(See Home Decor recommendations at the bottom of the page to get new ideas for where to shop.) 


Don't be scared to create something new and venture into new hobbies you've never tried before. A couple years ago my husband made me this gorgeous handcrafted mirror (featured above). From my knowledge at the time he hadn't done much woodworking in his life, but through hard work and seeing the end result he now passionately pursues the beauty of woodworking. Way to go, Husband! 


Artisan Handmade Wooden Mirror: Derek Zieschang

Artisan Handmade Wooden Ottoman: Derek Zieschang 

Carolyn Tufted Slipper Chair: Pottery Barn

Ivory Faux Float Stool: Word Market

Horns & Antlers: Restoration Hardware

Arrow Beige Blanket: Sackcloth and Ashes

Candlestick Swing-Arm Floor Lamp: Restoration Hardware

Ivory/Black Tangier Rug: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Reclaimed Wooden Table: Pottery Barn

Kensington Leather Sofa: Restoration Hardware

Smoked Clove & Tabac Gilded Muse Candle: Capri Blue

Circa 1900s Steel & Glass Surgeon's Cabinet: Restoration Hardware

Wall Planter: Urban Outfitters

Decanter: Anthropologie

Ankole Horn Whisky Tumbler Set: Rose & Fitzgerald

Seazy Breezy Corduroy Hat: Patagonia

Bison Ebbets Ball Cap: Bexar Goods Co. 

Wired Wall Storage: World Market