Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon


Let's go ahead and get one thing straightened out-- Portland and coffee seem to be two things that go best together. Maybe some of you coffee extraordinaires could fight me on this, but I'm willing to enter into the great debate. Heart Coffee Roasters, located at 2211 E Burnside St, is one you cannot miss when traveling through this gorgeous city. Their drip coffee is a must-try, but if you're willing to branch out and experience new tastes, I'd say go with the refreshing Espresso Honey Tonic (featured in photo). While you're sipping on a warm (or cold!) beverage, grab a seat and enjoy the café's simple yet bustling atmosphere. 

Hotels & Happy Hour

Needing a place to kick back and enjoy a change in scenery? The Ace Hotel in downtown Portland is a happening place for the locals and visitors. All day long traffic is moving in-and-out of the hotel lobby to gather around the coffee table, sip on some Stumptown and soak in the ambiance of the vintage boutique-like decor. If you choose to stop by, don't miss out on the infamous 3-6 Hour Happy happening next door at Clyde Common (cocktail featured below), where you can also partake in delicious domestic & foreign cooking. 

Note: Find link to Happy Hour Menu Below 

(Photo featuring The Daily Punch)


Recommend Cocktail & Snack: 

Southbound Suarez $6
reposado tequila, lime, agave, Becherovka, house horchata

Chicken Wings $6
BBQ rub, ginger-chili sauce                                                   

Spaces & Places

It's safe to say that anyone exploring a new city is looking for cool places and neat spaces. One of our favorite days was spent venturing up and down N Mississippi Ave in North Portland, looking through diverse craftsman shops, getting lost in Pistils Nursery, and eating brunch in Albina District. With it's greenery, local artisan ceramics, and sweet or savory breakfast options, Sweedeedee was a win for us. 

Note: Shops are featured below.